Smart charging optimization: what it means for your electric bus fleet.

Tenix Charge’s automated smart charging optimization feature addresses the challenges often faced by bus companies in electric bus charging schedules. Through the smart charging optimization feature, bus companies can easily cut down on costs, prevent load peaks, and ensure timely deployment of their electric bus fleet.

Smart charging optimization provides bus companies the ability to:

1. Customize charging according to distinct preferences, such as charging up to a defined State of Charge (SoC) level and a specific time.

2. Achieve the lowest possible charging cost

3. Prevent electrical load peaks during charging

The significance of addressing these challenges:

1. Charging preferences:

An electrical bus fleet’s success relies on the predictability and manageability of its charging. It is pivotal for the buses to be charged and ready to be used as per the schedule.

Defining both when the bus should be available and the desired charge level is essential, as it prevents unforeseen issues, and ensures that daily operations run smoothly without delays or cancellations.

2. Economizing costs:

With high electricity prices and no signs of them relenting, businesses that rely heavily on electricity feel the impact. Determining the most cost-efficient charging times amidst tight schedules can be a difficult task. However, strategic adjustments to avoid peak electricity costs could make a significant impact on bus companies.

3. Understanding and avoiding load peaks:

Load peaks occur when a system experiences its maximum electrical load, usually during periods of heightened electricity consumption. Given that electricity production is demand-driven, peak-load power plants tend to charge a premium, making it a lot more expensive to use electricity in these times. This is exactly why managing how much power can be utilized at the same time is important.

Smart charging optimization in action

Smart charging optimization has been designed to organize electric bus charging according to the settings that the bus company has set. It ensures that not only will the buses be charged to the specified percentage at the specified time, but it will also be done at the most economical time while avoiding load peaks.

Bus companies can set their desired time and charge, and smart charging optimization will find and charge the bus at the best spots throughout the period:

The screenshot demonstrates minimal overlapping charging times (to avoid load peaks), with most charging sessions occurring during periods signified by green—indicating a lower cost.

Any adjustments made will prompt the chargers in smart charging optimization to recalculate, ensuring that the buses will always charge at the most cost-effective time and without load peaks.

Data authenticity:

When it comes to the energy prices, the data is accurate to the day. Tenix smart charging optimization draws its data from Nordpool, Europe’s leading power market, that offers day-ahead pricing. This information facilitates accurate and efficient planning and scheduling.

If you have a fleet of electric buses, and want to hear more about the smart charging optimization, contact us.

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