We are a technology company delivering IT solutions for bus and public transport. 

We are a technology company that have developed our own software solutions and delivers several solutions and products that collects and analyzes data in public transport and make it valuable for our customers and end users. Today over 5000 vehicles reports to our servers every day.

We have worked in the public transport sector since 2008 and have built up a strong domain knowledge when it comes to IT solutions for especially bus operators.

We are now focusing on the future for public transport, and we work hard every day to deliver products and solutions that makes a difference in the industry.

The electrification of all transportation is something that excites us, and we feel that we are part of a game changing time for public transport. We have been lucky to be part of the Norway`s electrification and digitalisation of public transport, and will now expand internationally.

There is great market potential for smarter handling of electric bus fleets in Europe and North America. Causes are megatrends such as urbanization, climate change and increasing traffic congestion.



We set high standards for ourselves to create
the best solutions on the market​

We do not give up until the customer is satisfied​

Nothing is impossible – if we get a challenge, we will solve it​

We work closely across roles​

We want employees to thrive and grow internally​

We have a strong focus on trust​

We will make a difference in everyday life for our customers

that makes buses smart