Tenix Maintenance with new module!

Today we have the pleasure of launching Tenix Maintenance EU Control module. This is a new module that customers have requested, and we have solved this by making a new easy to use module in the Tenix Maintenance websolution. The module provides an automatic overview and notification of the next vehicle control, so that good planning and implementation of these is ensured.

Prior to the inspection, the Tenix Maintenance solution gives you a full overview of the faults and deficiencies that need to be rectified. The totality leads to efficient processes that minimize downtime and costs, and ensures a digital process flow on all of the errors that occur on a bus and that require service or maintenance.

All history is available in a web interface or via APIs in order to be able to check the operation of buses at all times and minimize downtime and costs.

Tenix Maintenance is a hardware-free solution that brings errors and faults in your buses together. Get a more efficient fleet by collecting data from all your buses and their belongings in one and the same interface – regardless of manufacturer. No downtime and instant access.


The Tenix Charge film

With an increase in public transport companies opting for electric fleets, managing operations easily and effectively is crucial. Electric vehicles involve a lot more planning

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Tenix Bus 4.0

Tenix Bus 4.0

A seamless and cost-efficient transition from fossil-burning to electronic bus operation. Collect data from your bus fleet and understand energy consumption and SOC trends with Tenix Bus 4.0.

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Contract Award – Follo

Saga Tenix was awarded the delivery and operation of ITxPT systems for 101 Minibuses for Oslo Taxi Bus under#Ruter‘s tender “2022 Minibus and passenger car

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