Tenix Charge provides a full overview and control of the charging infrastructure at a bus depot. The charging infrastructure is controlled via the open standard OCPP.

Tenix Charge

Due to the transition to the use of electric buses as part of the green shift, there is a need to develop and put into operation new technology. Electric buses have other challenges than petrol and diesel, and they are changing the way transport operators work. 

Charging control, charging times, intervals, route lengths, night charging or fast charging are examples of what affects the everyday life of electric buses, operating operators and bus drivers. 

With better data collection and analysis, you can implement better adapted routes and achieve better route precision for the buses. 

Customers can easily monitor the status of all charging points. In case of errors during charging, they can with a single click perform a cold reset of the faulty unit. All error events are instantaneously published by the chargers and vehicles, and used for generating warnings. Such events are also used in periodical reports that can be used by the management or the workshop to review trends of the equipment performance. 

Tenix Charge will also, according to preset smart charging profiles, distribute power to the charging points according to availability in the power grid.