Tenix and HMK sign 1MNOK IT agreement for 32 buses

Tenix and HMK have entered into a complete IT agreement for 32 buses to provide everything needed for efficient bus management. For 150 years, HMK have been at the forefront of new technology to offer their customers the most efficient and quality services possible; they now enter the next chapter with electrical buses digitized by Tenix Charge.

HMK is one of Norway and Europe’s leading bus companies and is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and safety in their environmentally friendly vehicles. This year, HMK reaches the milestone of 150 years of service, and is therefore the oldest coach company in Norway and Europe. Jan Wiborg the Chief Dispatcher of HMK, explained how they’re still a leading bus company after so many years:

HMK has remained in business for such a long time because we are always making changes to ensure that we progress with the times. This means that we always need to be aware of new technology progressions in our field, particularly those that enable us to become increasingly more environmentally friendly, more fuel efficient and drive as safely as possible.

HMK’s dedication to always remain at the top is clear in their decision to use Tenix as their IT provider. By having the Tenix system installed in their 32 bus fleet in Oslo, the team now has access to fleet management, automatic tachograph download, charging overview and many other insights into their fleet operations.

We saw that the technology we were using in our buses was getting quite outdated, and not giving us the full picture over how our buses were running, so we knew that this was something we had to update in order to get the data necessary to optimize our bus fleet as much as possible.

With all of this data now at HMK’s disposal, they can ensure that their bus charging is successful, their buses are running as fuel/energy efficient as possible, and their buses and drivers are always accounted for. With all of this data and more, HMK have once again ensured that they are using the most up to date and effective technology on the market in order to optimize their bus operations.

Tenix has now successfully installed the system into the HMK buses, and the data is already being used to optimize and manage the HMK fleet as they transport their customers to wherever they need to go.


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