Tenix secures 9 million NOK deal to implement smart IT solutions for 350 buses and trams with Dutch public transport company HTM in The Hague.

Tenix, a leader in IT solutions for public transport, has signed a 9 million NOK agreement with ARS T &TT to deliver systems to HTM in The Hague. In collaboration with ARS T&TT, Geosignage and other contractors, Tenix is set to enhance HTM’s commitment to inform their public transport travelers adequately by integrating digital solutions into 350 of their vehicles.

The 7-year partnership will enable Tenix, ARS T&TT, and HTM to elevate public transport services in The Hague, by providing critical data and insights for Passenger information.

Contracting Tenix for this assignment with our client HTM marks an exciting chapter for us. Our mission is to leverage innovative and cutting-edge technology to make transportation safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.
We invited Tenix and GeoSignage to help us do exactly that for HTM. We are confident that together we will enhance HTM’s passenger services.”Jan Linssen, CEO ARS T&TT

The implementation of Tenix’s solution on the HTM-vehicles is scheduled for 2024. The agreement between Tenix, ARS T&TT and HTM follows Tenix’s announcement of its expansion into the European market, building on its impressive customer base in Norway.

The agreement with ARS T&TT and HTM is a milestone for Tenix, marking one of our first ventures beyond Scandinavia. It also validates the growing demand across Europe for solutions like ours.
This exciting agreement is just the start of demonstrating Tenix’s capabilities to the European market.” – Torbjørn G Krøvel, CEO Tenix.

About Tenix

Tenix is a leading technology company specializing in innovative Smartbus and charging solutions. Its aim is to assist transport companies in understanding the inner workings of their vehicle fleets, helping them to reduce fuel consumption, energy consumption, charging costs, and much more. With a firm commitment towards environmental responsibility, Tenix continues to evolve its green technology offerings to meet the needs of transport companies now and into the future.

About ARS T&TT

ARS T&TT is a leading provider of intelligent traffic and transport technology solutions, developing and implementing technology solutions to improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of transportation networks. ARS T&TT work closely with partners, engineers, and suppliers to meet the needs of society and their customers now and in the future.

About HTM

HTM is the public transport company in The Hague region of the Netherlands. In operation since 1864, the company operates the region’s trams, light rail vehicles and city buses. Daily approximately 270.000 travelers use their public transportation.

About Geosignage:

Geosignage is a Swedish software company whose vision is to improve passengers’ travelling experience. Geosignage works to help operators, authorities and media companies communicate with passengers efficiently, all through their easy-to-use web-based user interface

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